Blackness of banana and sugar ratio(Find the sweetest point)

Have you ever heard that “Banana is sweet when black spots(sugar spots) appear on the skin”?
When I heard that, what popped out in my mind was “So, is totaly black banana which is almost rotten REALLY sweet?”.

Describe in math,like this.
Sweetness ->∞ (Blackness ->∞)

Of course not, but it is true from personal experience that to some degree black banana is sweet.
So, I did research about the relationship between blackness of banana and sweetness, and found the sweetest point.
(I had done this experiment when I was bachelor 1, but I had lost the data, so I did again.)

How I did this experiment:

  • 1.Buy bananas
  • 2.Choose one sample
  • 3.Take picture of the sample
  • Mash the sample (I cannot afford to buy homogenizer!)
  • Measure sugar ratio for 5 times



This time I prepared 8 bananas, and choose a banana every 1-2 days from a bunch of banana which are getting black.
I made the data like this.




Then, result.
“The relationship between blackness of banana and sweetness”



You can understand the curve of the graph by separate into two reaction.
(Reaction 1)The enzyme in the banana changes carbohydrate to sugar.
(Reaction 2)The banana itself breathes and uses sugar of its own.




From biochemistrical point of view, following things should be explained.
-The chemical reaction of the banana to get black (melanization).
-Why banana gets sweet through melanization.

But those things are beyond my experties, so I’ll search meticulously and write someday.

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