Remake recipes 4 combo triple (from tomato cheese soup)

Have you ever tried putting noodle into the leftover curry and making “curry noodle”? Those ways to make much use of leftover food is called “remake recipe” in a fashionable way. However, most remake recipes tells you the way to remake only once. It is hard to find recipes which suggest you to remake food more than once.
I think recipes which suggest how to remake food many times would be useful. Remaking foods needs shorter time than cooking it from ingredients. That means It would be a saving of time if you just cook big quantity of food on weekends and just remake it on weekdays. To begin with, why “7 days mix match clothe” is so popular and “7 days remake recipes” does not exist?

That is why I write this article. This time I extract recipe data from webpages (Open Source Food) and analyze about 3700 recipe data, then discovered combo of remake recipe.(This article explains how I analyze data).In this article I show you “remake recipes 4 combo triple (from tomato cheese soup)” I found.

One of the most important things in remaking recipe is, whether you don’t get bored with the tastes. And I think the recipe won’t let you fed up with eating them.

Overview of combo recipe

What I call “combo” is the process to add new ingredients to the leftover food. With this recipe you can “combo” twice, and by the last combo you can make 3 foods from 3rd combo food.


Combo 1:Tomato Soup with Fresh Goat Cheese Recipe

Ingredients: Tomato, Cheese(better not using goat cheese to remake it easier), soup stock
How to cook: Mix all ingredients together in a sauce pot and boil them.

Combo 2: Leftover Tomato soup/sauce with grits and eggs Recipe

Ingredients:”Tomato Soup with Fresh Goat Cheese” + egg + pepper
How to cook: Boil 1st recipe “Tomato Soup with Fresh Goat Cheese Recipe” down to proper consistency, then put poached egg on the sauce. Polenta goes well with this recipe. (Please put poached egg only on the dish you eat. Egg is not needed for the next recipe)

Combo 3:Pasta alla crudaiola Recipe

Ingredients:”Leftover Tomato soup/sauce with grits and eggs” – egg + basil + garlic + pasta
How to cook: Put basil into “Tomato Soup with Fresh Goat Cheese”, then squeeze garlic, then put pasta.

Combo 4-1:stewed vege pasta in tomato curry sauce Recipe

Ingredients:”Pasta alla crudaiola Recipe” + eggplant + onion + chinese napa cabbage + curry powder
How to cook: Cut eggplant and napa cabbage, then fry them in a pan with curry powder, then put “Pasta alla crudaiol” in them.

Combo 4-2:Beef and Vegetable Penne Casserole Recipe

Beef and Vegetable Penne Casserole Recipe
Ingredients: “Pasta alla crudaiola Recipe” + onion + beef + mushroom + zucchini + spinach + nutmeg + red pepper (+ cheese)
How to cook: Fry onion and beef and put nutmeg. Prepare heat-resistant dish and put “Pasta alla crudaiola Recipe” down on bottom layer, then put beef and onion you fried on the pasta. Layer spinach, followed by red pepper, mashroom, zucchini, and sprinkle cheese on the top. Grill in the oven.

Combo 4-3:Asparagus Pesto with fresh Tomatoes Recipe

Ingredients: “Pasta alla crudaiola Recipe” + asparagus + pine nuts
How to cook: Boil asparagus, then put in a food processor with a sauce of “pasta alla crudaiola Recipe” and pine nuts, run the food processor until they become paste. Then mix pasta with the paste.


What do you think of them? The 1st tomato-cheese soup was transformed into casserole or asparagus paste. However, what is important is whether those remake recipe changes its taste and keep on amusing your taste or not. On next article, I will cook them and check their taste!

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