Boiled egg simulator (Umami plus version)

Now my Boiled egg simulator is able to predict Umami(pleasant savory taste)
I hope this will help 6.5 billion people who are worried about how to make boiled egg, from medium rare to hard boiled!


(1)Applied heat equation to boiling egg
(2)Displaythe effect of boiling time on the decrease of Umami


(1)Prepare plenty of water in a pot and boil the water
(2)when the water has reached a boil, put eggs in the water and let them boil for the time which you calculated by the simulator.
(3)Take eggs out and run cold water over them for 40 seconds to cool them off, then dip them in the cold water with ice.

What you can do by this simulation?

input size of the egg, initial temperature of the egg, the altitude you boil, then you can calculate how much you should boil to get boiled egg you want.
//That means, you can calculate the optimal time when you boil ostrich egg on Mt.Fuji!!

Boiling egg simulator

Yolk Temp Img Egg conditions Umami index
(decrese rate)
Surface 58°C Liquid 2.50 Calculating
Surface 64°C
Core 21°C
Doneness: rare
The albumen hardened.
The viscosity of the yolk is between ketchup and honey.
Surface 73°C
Core 36°C
Doneness: medium rare
The surface of the yolk hardened.
The viscosity of the yolk is like peanut butter.
Surface 77°C
Core 53°C
Doneness: medium
The yolk hardened but still keeps its moisture.
The color changes from orange to yellow.
Surface 82°C
Core 63°C
Doneness: well done
The yolk hardened enough.
Surface 90°C
Core 78°C
Doneness: hard boiled
The york got dried.
A little stinky like Sulfide.

★If there is anyone who are willing to research egg with me, please contact me:)

About Boiled egg

■Important variables are SIZE and TEMPERATURE

It seems easy to boil egg, but you sometimes fail even if you follow recipes.
The biggest reason why you fail is the temperature that changes by season.
Like, here in Japan, the temperature is around 30°C during summer, and 0°C during winter.
So, when you use eggs that you keep under room temperature, you usually over boil in summer, and under boil in winter.

And, the following situations cause failure.
(1)The size of the egg you bought is small.(in this case, the egg boils earlier.)
(2)You kept the egg in the fridge.(The temperature of the egg is low, so you have to boil it longer than when you keep it under room temperature.)

■Have to boil more in mountain countries!?

The higher altitude is,the lower air pressure gets, and the less temperature of boiling point gets.
For example, the average altitude of Nagano prefecture(in Japan) is 1132m, and boiling point is 96.2°C.
Of course the temperature egg gets hard doesn’t depend on the altitude, the optimal boiling time gets longer than 0m site.

■Umami gets decrease if you boil too much!?

From the result of Joint research with “Taste Doctor”(⇒article), we found out that among 5 basic tastes(sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness, and Umami -a savory taste),(1)the more you boil egg, the less Umami gets, and(2) it gets decrease rapidly at some point.
Umami Index and decrease rate are mentioned on this simulation results.

■The Logic of egg simulation

I applied heat equation to egg.(⇒Explained on this article.)
And check by real cooking.
//To improve the simulation, please give me your experiment data as a feedback.
This research was inspired by Charles D. H. Williams(1997).The Science of Boiling an Egg.

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