Ingredients often used for egg recipes (Web Scraping)

Are you in the mood for analyzing recipe data?

Then, Open Source Food satisfies your needs.
The texts and pictures on this webpage are open-source.
That means, you can use the data freely, even publish a book!

I was in the mood for analyzing, so I did Web scraping (web data extraction) from the website.
Then, to check how useful the data is, I analyzed “What ingredients are often used for egg recipes”.

■About the data I extracted
[From] ~202 all the recipe data (about 3700).
[What]Title, Ingredients, Tags

■What did I extract?
Check the picture below.
“Title” is in the black frame,”Ingredients” are in the red frame, “Tags” are in the blue frame.
I extract all of them.
(Not all the recipes have three of them.)


■Visualize(The connection between egg recipes and ingredients used)
There are 46 egg recipes that can be analyzed.
So, I categorized egg recipe into four, and linked seasonings that are used in the recipe.

From the visualized data below, you can discover facts like this:
(1)Cheeze and Tomato are often used for omlet
(2)Mayonaze and curry, which are not so used for other type of egg recipe, are used for boiled egg.

↓Place mouse cursor on Types and Ingredients to see the picture changes.

*Made from 46 egg recipes (boiled:19, fried:13, scramble:7, omlet:7 )

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